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Making a decision:
1. Be sure to read the FAQ, articles in Media and aquaint yourself with the photographs in our album that pertain to the trip or region which interests you.
2. Contact our office and ask to speak to one of the owners or trip leaders. It is vital for your safety and enjoyment of the trip, and that of your fellow passengers, that you have a realistic expectation of both the pleasures and the very real demands of the trip.

Application, Deposit, Information Packets and Payment Terms:
1. We require a $500 USD deposit to hold your place on a trip. Your deposit is refundable (less a $100 service fee) until you have received and read the information packet. You have one week from receipt of the packet to contact us with concerns and to cancel. If you cancel within one week of receiving the packet, you receive your deposit less the service fee. A week after receiving the information packet your deposit becomes non-refundable. Final balance is due 60 day prior to departure. Cancellation more than 60 days prior to departure receives a 50% refund of the balance due (less deposit). Cancellations within 60 days of departure receive no refund. We recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance.

2. You can pay the deposit over the phone by VISA, MASTER CARD or DISCOVER. We do not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS. If you want to pay your deposit by check, simply mail it to our mailing address. If you wish to make a wire transfer contact us here.

3. The Information Packet is sent on receipt of your deposit. Please read it carefully. Once you have sent in your deposit, received and read the Information Packet, contact us to interview with the trip leader or one of the owners. We want to be certain that we share the same expectations of the trip in terms of the service we will render, your responsibility as a client, issues of safety, hygiene, etc. You have one week from mailing or emailing of the information packet to cancel your participation and receive your deposit less the handling fee.

4. Payment/Cancellation Terms. Final payment is due 60 days prior to the trip departure date. In the event of cancellation within 31-60 days prior to the departure date there will be a refund of 50% of the land portion of the trip fee. In the event of cancellation within 30 days prior to the departure date there will be no refund of the land portion of the trip fee. We recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance.

Price Change of Internal Air Flights. We reserve the right to surcharge clients when internal flights increase by more than 5% from the cost of the air ticket at the time the trip deposit was paid. Air ticket prices are often hard to determine until just a month or two before travel and price changes are capricious.

5. Trip Evacuation Coverage is REQUIRED. We recommend Traveler's Emergency Network (TEN) because they offer superior coverage based on a calendar year, not just the length of your Boojum Expeditions trip. In other words the coverage will return you from Mongolia or Canada or Lithuania; wherever you may travel over the course of a year. TEN offers family plans that are quite reasonable. To purchase coverage, call 800-471-3695 or click .

When you have signed up for your coverage add your policy number to your online application form or send it to This is NOT medical coverage, simply coverage to pay the costs of emergency evacuation in the event of an injury that precludes you using public transportation.

Trip Cancellation, Medical, Lost luggage Insurance:
In the event that a personal health problem or family problem requires you to cancel your trip, trip cancellation insurance can reimburse you fully for payments that are not refundable. We recommend Travelguard which also covers lost luggage, medical expenses, etc. Click here for the Travelguard Essentials program, the most reasonably priced package that includes trip cancellation.

Mongolia: US Citizens do not need a visa for Mongolia or Korea . For other nationalities we issue a visa invitation letter which you can use to obtain your visa on arrival at Genghis Khan (ULN) airport or land border crossings. If you have ANY questions about your visa status and requirements, contact our office early.

Tibet/China: US Citizens who TRANSIT Beijing (less than 24 hours) do not need a visa. We recommend that you use a visa service like Zierer ( They will provide current application forms and up to date instructions. Mentioning your plans to travel to Tibet in your application may complicate matters and slow the visa issuance process. Give your destination as Chengdu, Sichuan. Your permits for travel in western Sichuan and extensions to Lhasa will be handled in Chengdu by our local agent.

Argentina and Uruguay: US Citizens do not need a visa, just a valid passport. Other nationalities please check with local embassy of the country in question or call our office.

Single Supplement: Single Supplement is available on most trips but be sure to inquire about your specific program. In Mongolia, if you require a single supplement, the additional charge is $110/$130 for extra hotel nights outside our itineraries. If we cannot pair you with someone of same gender to share a double occupancy room/tent, the additional hotel room charge is $50.00 per hotel night and there is no charge for camping nights.

If you are a heavy snorer we, will attempt to pair you with another snorer. If that fails, we strongly encourage you to require single supplement.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel:
For those with a long layover in Seoul, there is a wonderful hotel in the transit area of the new Incheon (ICN) Airport. Go here for reservations and information: Airport Garden Hotel

Scan your passport:
If you should lose your passport while traveling, it helps a LOT to have a high quality print of the FACE PAGE that you carry somewhere else in your bags. This expedites the process of getting a temporary replacement. SCAN your passort and save the .jpg file in your home computer (instead of just making a photocopy) and you'll always have it handy to make prints in the future. For many of our trips, we will REQUIRE a scan of your passport.
































































We specialize in Mongolia travel but we also offer adventure travel to Patagonia, Uruguay, Tibet. Horseback riding was our original interest when we pioneered travel adventures to China and Inner Mongolia and Tibet. We now offer tours and travel packages of all kinds in Mongolia (formerly Outer Mongolia) including camel riding, trekking, photography, fishing, horseback riding, culture, visiting Naadam, the Gobi, Lake Hovsgol (Lake Khovsgol) and the nomadic herders of Mongolia. In Ulan Bator we have our own offices though we are not really a travel agent, but an outfitter of travel and adventure in Mongolia. If want a riding vacation; whether a horseback riding vacation, a camel riding vacation or a jeep riding vacation, we'll be glad to create a travel adventure across Mongolia for you.

In Patagonia and Uruguay remember you can combine two adventures and do both horseback riding trips in just two weeks of travel. A Patagonia horseback riding vacation or a Uruguay horseback riding vacation is just the thing for beginners or experienced equestrian travelers. An equestrain vacation, horseback riding in Patagonia, Agentina or Uruguay or Mongolia or Tibet is a great way to have a guided adventure.
Mongolia travel can also include rafting, trekking or a combination of rafting, trekking, horseback riding and culture. Mongolia travel means visiting the Gobi, Lake Khovsgol, Buddhist monasteries, or even fishing. The fishing in Mongolia and Patagonia is very good. In Mongolia the fishing is for taimen. In Patagonia, the fishing is for trout. Being an outfitter, we don't call our adventure horseback riding or other mongolia tours "tours" per se. We think that Monglia tour sounds like it lacks adventure. A Mongolia tour can include paleontology, horseback riding, a river trip or rafting, trekking or culture. Whatever you call it, a Mongolia tour or Mongolia travel, we will be sure to make your Mongolia tour feel like a private tour.

Those of you who have endured reading the awful prose just preceding are probably wondering what kind of idiot wrote it. We must confess to both a capacity for better prose and an ulterior motive in writing so badly. Search engines look for correlations between your keywords like Mongolia travel, horseback riding, mongolia tour, Patagonia, Uruguay, Tibet, Gobi.. (see there I go again) and the frequency with which they appear on your page. In this everchanging cyber world, we need to keep up, I guess. Have a good riding vacation or adventure and come for Mongolia travel.

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